Object Selection Handles

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Tue Mar 28 15:43:55 EDT 2017

Ditto what Dan, Richard, Craig said

(letting off just a little steam here too)

Ali: "provide examples" 

 Adobe illustrator see:


Ali: "justification"

-- I've been ranting for 2 decades about how LC IDE needs to be optimized for 21st century elegant GUI design. 

-- Graphic designers don't switch to console and start typing "set the rect of some object to X,X,X,X"   "never gonna happen"

-- Good design is precise design, a miniscule adjustment in the scale of an object, left-edge, can make the difference in production values between looking "hokey" vs looking "awesome". If you take that ability away from the user, you shoot your product in the foot.

-- Please, always optimize the IDE for quality design production values and not necessarily ease of use for your kid sister. Yes, your kid sister might find a large handle useful to just drag out an object in a use case that is as vague as "I just want it bigger." But that is not how "real" design is done. We need quality tools for the whole front end UI builder market… and each of us here switches hats (programmer/designer) 20 times a day… 

-- point: we don't mind if the selection handles are small, zoom is always an option; if the mouse can pick up them up easily in a "nearby" area, that's also OK, but they must be centered on the border-edge/corner… because if I'm working to move the edge, scale up-down an object, I will make the visual "subconscious" assumption that the center of the handle = the X,Y or X or Y position of [whatever]

Anything else is just "wrong"  



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    Instead of declaring that this is how it should be, it's much better to
    provide examples and justification. I just checked, and every application I
    have on this computer does selection handles with the center of the handle
    on the boundary of the object.

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