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Bob Sneidar via use-livecode wrote
Then please also make sure to submit this to Edinburgh.  I want this to be
my official dictionary.

Thanks Bob,

I think the LiveCode people did a pretty good job reorganizing the
dictionary. The new dictionary, once getting used to it, offers the
different dictionaries in a structured way.

It takes just a lot of screen estate if you don't use a 28 inch monitor.

The scope of tinyDictionary is different: a bare bone dictionary for
developers who know what they are looking for.

So I will not submit this to Edinburgh.

I wrote tinyDictionary also because we had quite some suggestions for
community projects that did not materialize. I wanted to give it a try and
see how far I would get. There was helpful input from the community, not all
of it made it into tinyDict.

The Livecode Dictionary has other problems: more than 3000 files that need
some attention/correction/reformatting. Luckily not all of them but there
are enough. If you find some funny stuff in tinyDictionary please check
against the LiveCode dictionary whether it also looks funny there. Then you
have a good chance to look at an entry that needs care.

Devin Asay is doing a tremendous job at correcting the dictionary.
This could really be something where other native speakers of the community
could help. It is tedious, you have to learn the format and you have to get
familiar with GitHub. But even GitHub is doable :)

Bernd, thanks for your work on this, and for your kind words. If anyone finds anything in the Dictionary that doesn’t look right, or read right, or just seems inaccurate, please do submit a bug report. They are usually simple and quick to fix. I’d also welcome anyone who wants to try their hand at joining the open source effort by submitting dictionary fixes. I have created some step-by-step guides to help you and would be happy to get you started.

Plus if you get a dictionary change accepted you get to see your name in This Week in LiveCode<https://livecode.github.io/this-week-in-livecode/>! :)

Devin Asay
Office of Digital Humanities
Brigham Young University

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