Producing a list of duplicates

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> I have a bunch of data records that contain email addresses. I need to
> search through that list and produce an list so those duplicates can be
> acted upon.

repeat for each line theLin in theList

add 1 to theVals[theLin]

if theVals[theLin] > 1 then

put theVals[theLin] into theDups[theLin]

end if

end repeat

theDups has duplicated addresses as it's keys, and the number of dups as
the values

Or, you could extend and parse the actual email address out of each line,
and use *that* as the key, to catch situations like

john at

<john at> "John Doe"
<john at> "Johnathan Doe"

In that case, I'd probably put

put theLin into theDups[theEmail][theVals[theEmail]]

so that you get a list for each type

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