Printing a formatted file from a LiveCode stack

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Tue Mar 21 12:44:35 EDT 2017

Hi from Beautiful Brittany,

I have often printed out data from liveCode stacks - in simple form,
write to file …. etc, and got a file that I could print using Textedit,
or Word. However, It was straight text - no tabs, no formatting, nothing.

Now I want  to build a file to print out with the the minimum
of formatting. - Font size, tabs (perhaps), - nothing more.

Can't seem to find any examples when searching with Google.
I looked at :
and found lots that I like, but need an existing example to
finalise my script. I seems to have two options -  Print Field
or Print Card, and I have a big field to print !
I tried RevPrintField which uses the field's text properties,
but found that the text size "x" was too small on the print
page, and "x+1" overflowed into 2 lines.  No Go There !
I liked the sequence "open printing, etc., but I don't want
to print cards, but fields !
I have often solved my problems with an example which I can
understand, and then tailor to my needs.

Is there any kind soul out there to send me an example, or point
one out in the Revonline Browser (it would take me a year to look
through the myriad of stacks offered}



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