App Standalone Splash Screens/Icon Deployment

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Mar 18 15:45:34 EDT 2017

I am wondering how other teams working collaboratively using Git  handle their

a) Splash screens
b) App Icon
c) Main Stack Binary

Scenario: you have Devs A, B, C, D

working on the same app. Very modular with lots of text only scripts. But the main stack used to build the standalone, call it MyApp.livecode  is a binary stack that keep changing everytime on of the team test builds… it contains stack files and a behavior that is a text only stack. otherwise almost no code. but, though it never *really* changes, Git sees it as modified.

add to this the additional issue that if we provide all the iOS splash screens and the Android app icon in the repository… we can put them in a folder adjacent to the app, but not actually include them in the package (since the standalone builder will do that automatically.)  But… how can you set the paths to the splash screens to a relative path.. with the goal in mind: that the binary stack never really changes. I don't know how exactly GIT "measures" the modification. if the app doesn't really change, even though it has to be saved each time you build a standalone.

So bottom line questions are two.

1) Is there some way to avoid having the main stack "change" even though it is being save… our solution now is to stash it in GIT and everyone pulls that same stack from our "nightly" branch which is the SOA for that binary (if a substantive change is made to the MyApp.livecode, you have to push it to nightly… otherwise you never push… but only build your tests and then stash MyApp.livecode)  is there a better practice?

2) if you pick the splash screens in standalone builder, I can't actually see the path, but we assume that they are absolute paths to the files in the local user's HD… as soon as the MyApp.livecode moves from dev A (who selected all the splash screens and icons for the app in the SA Builder) is there a way to set these to a path relative to the MyApp.livecode binary?


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