Problem with converting time

Michael Doub mikedoub at
Fri Mar 17 08:46:18 EDT 2017

time = 1489755600

Mac:      dateitems = 2017,3,17,9,0,0,6
server:   dateitems = 2017,3,17,12,0,0,6

Code:   get time
convertit to dateitems

I don't understand how the local time comes into play when converting a 
constant number of seconds.  The resulting date should be a constant as 

What am I missing?

-= Mike

On 3/16/17 4:05 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> Michael Doub wrote:
> > I am getting different answers based on environment when trying to
> > convert EPOC seconds to dateitems or internet date.   On my mac I get
> > the expected result but on a HostM server I get something totally
> > different.
> How different?
> > Does any one have a conversion function that does not use the
> > livecode's convert function that they would be willing to share?
> The seconds are usually a very good choice for their compactness and 
> ease of calculation, and more so because the value we get is in GMT 
> based on the offset from host OS.
> What this should mean is that you can convert values obtained from 
> "the seconds" and get a good date/time regardless of which time zone 
> you're in.
> So seconds are usually ideal (along with "internet date") for network 
> applications such as the one you're working on.
> But for the conversion to take your local system into account, you'll 
> need to do the conversion locally.
> If you're doing the conversion on the server, the date/time will 
> reflect the time zone settings in the server OS.

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