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IMHO, another avenue for local LiveCode engagement are the *Camps.
Especially the WordCamps and PodCamps.

Plus there are the CodeFests and Hack-a-thons.

At those meetings, I've found that some of the folks there at any given
time are networking for jobs. That's good. Then there are the regulars who
are fixtures, of course.

The Rapid Application Development helps and some of the time it is just a
prototype and window dressing, and under the hood, there isn't real hope of
making it work. But, for the contest, it is fun to make the demo sizzle.

With the PodCamps and WordCamps, the typical participant is not a computer
genius, but more of a creative person. Designers, authors,opinionated
bloggers, etc. I feel that those folks, plus the educators, are closer to
the sweet spot for LiveCode's wider adoption.

I have not been going to many *.edu events. That too seems to be a good
place to plant seeds.

I do attend a couple of our Western PA LUG meetings. But, I'm not a
regular. No luck or attempts at me giving a demo. But, I do have
conversations often.

In our town, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, we tried to get a LiveCode user group
going, but we've got less than five who care enough to make the time.
Anyone else in town here?

The other HUGE area where I think LiveCode could shine is with the
Raspberry Pi community. But, sadly, the mothership is not putting support
there for confidence to take root, IMHO. So, that remains only a dream. An
annual release for Pi would be most welcomed.

Finally, there are a few "happy hour" type tech meetings in town as well.
They are not my cup of tea as they often meet when I'm with the kids at
swim practices. So, my weekend schedule with Saturday Swim School and meets
does not let me get to as many of those meetings as I'd like to attend.


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