Local engagement

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Mar 10 15:42:31 EST 2017

Informal survey:  How many here attend local meetups for groups that 
advocate for open source software (e.g. user groups for Linux, Drupal, 
Wordpress, R, Python, etc.)?

If so, what have you learned there, and have you had a chance to 
introduce others there to LiveCode?

I'll start:

Groups I've attended
I'm a member of my local Linux User Group, and despite the name they 
really cover everything related to open source software.  Last night's 
meeting introduced me to OpenRefine, a nice GUI toolkit for massaging 
data.  I've also learned awk, rsync, and strace through the group. I won 
my first Raspberry Pi in a raffle at their 20th anniversary party last year.

I sometimes attend meetups with the local Drupal user group. I don't use 
Drupal yet, but I've enjoyed learning about it and love hanging out with 
those people.

There's also another group that meets in a nearby city focused on data 
science, where I've been introduced to R.  That group has some inspiring 
stories of decision support success through good analytics.

Sharing LiveCode
The local Linux User Group is managed under the auspices of a parent 
group, San Gabriel Valley Tech, through which we arrange our monthly 
LiveCode Developer meetups:

We generally draw about 10 or so people, and usually have at least one 
or two newcomers interested in getting started with LiveCode.

A couple meetings ago we had a brief demo from the woman behind the 
Enchantment OS project, a new Linux distro aimed at absolute computer 
newbies.  She occasionally needs specialized GUI apps, and I'll be 
following up with her to see which of those LC might be a good fit for.

  Richard Gaskin
  LiveCode Community Liaison
  richard at livecode.com

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