Working browser widget/linux-flavour combinations?

hh hh at
Thu Mar 9 22:41:16 EST 2017

> Mark Wieder wrote:
> ... worked in 9.0-dp6 ... 64-bit Linux Mint 17.3 cinnamon.

So I tried Mint 173 cinnamon 32 bit and Mint 181 cinnamon 64 bit,
used LC 8 and LC 9, in Virtualbox on Mac and on a 64 bit Linux box.

Both show with the browser widget the "something"-window that Richmond
described and LC is to be 'killed' after trying to use the widget.

Now launching from Terminal with Panos' advice
( LC_ALL= LC_NUMERIC=C "path/to/livecode_executable" )
brings up a widget, yes. But this works sadly only "halfway":

No context-menu, not even for navigation, no connection to localhost
possible, limited HTML5 support (some files don't work which work in
Win and Mac without any problem).

Is the widget not a 'modern browser' in linux? Or is the installation
of special lib-files required to have it fully working? 

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