Searching "teh" or tihs"

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Thu Mar 9 20:40:59 EST 2017

Congratulations on the fuzzysearch. I don't know how you did it but for the
English language, I remember both soundex and its refinement called
metaphone, both algorithms are made for this kind of situation. I think
that Levenshtein distance based algos are the way to go for this stuff
these days but are a bit beyond of what I am used to developing...

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> Searching is important for your project?
> Would you like to ask "Did you mean the?" if user searches "teh"?
> I've implemented a fuzzySearch algorithm in LiveCode script:
> Now if you wish to look up "the" or "this" then fuzzySearch will find
> it (among others) by searching "teh" or tihs", with a penalty score of
> one only for swapping the chars.
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