breakpoints being ignored

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Mar 9 01:29:40 EST 2017

Interesting… this was happening to me today. on a hunch I set the gRevDevelopment to true… thinking that because I had messed with that yesterday while using the remote debugger on my android phone… I had done something that was blocking script debug --  related to the action of answering "No" to the dialog asking if you want to run a remoteDebug session,  just after installing the standalone on the phone… because I thought (have yet to test/reproduce… very tedious…) possibly that is at least one action that might toggle script debug mode to off (even though it appears checked?) and so your break point could possibly be ignored at that point and until you reboot LC?

Dunno, just was just fishing for possible recipes… 

but aha, gRevDevelopment, true:  the break point was "honored" Of course it starting stepping through a lot of IDE code, so I had to go back and set the gRevDevelopment to "false"  and now the break points work… 

….of course if it goes all the way back to 8.1.3 and 6, then it could be anything….


Mike Kerner wrote:

    Add a "breakpoint" line as the first line in the script
    execute again
    breakpoint still doesn't fire.

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