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On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 5:12 PM, Mike Kerner via use-livecode <
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> Besides, this is not
> debugging, this is remote debugging, and if anything screams "premium",
> it's a feature like this.  Anyone who has been building for mobile since we
> could do that with LC has been working with their own personal debugging
> hacks.  You can debug mobile, on the device, without this tool.

Hey Mike,

I completely disagree with this notion that having a debugger is a premium
feature. As you say, anyone who was building mobile was crafting helpers to
help debug their creations but this is not the same as stepping through the
code with a debugger.

Lets not mix the act of debugging an app (removing bugs) with having a real
debugger. For example, for ages Web Developers filled their code with
alert() dialogs and console.log() calls which is much like we do with LC on
mobile, but, all browsers these days ship real debuggers and both Chrome
and Firefox ship with remote debuggers, heck Firefox alone can debug iOS
Safari from Desktop Linux.

Remote debuggers are not a fancy premium feature. Android Studio (which is
the free oficial IDE) has a remote debugger. Visual Studio has remote
debugger. Phonegap has a remote debugger. Corona SDK has a remote debugger.
Basically everyone that is shipping mobile apps has a remote debugger and
is not charging a premium on it.

An Indy License costs more than 500 USD per year. Thats not peanuts, thats
a solid investment, not allow people who make such investment from having a
normal standard tool for mobile app development is crazy! LC on mobile is
already buggy enough on the engine side, having this debugger would have
the side effect of making it easier for us to contribute bug recipes for
example. Lots of time here we loose a precious amount of time trying to
identify if the bug is on our side of the code or the engine since we can't
step through it.

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