[Long] Moving a REST request from Desktop to Server

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Wed Mar 8 05:36:06 EST 2017

Hi Richard,

no, I did not considder using a standalone as a CGI engine. I am in a rather difficult environment with the project (government servers that have ridiculous tests and approval times for changed solutions). On top of that, I would not want to lose the benefit of using liveCode PHP style. For most of what I do with LC server I am perfectly happy with the way it works. However, not having some stuff that libURL offers available (even though the dictionary states otherwise, in the case of libURLLastRHHeaders, Platforms desktop, server). Technically it should be possible if the Server script does a POST to a remote Server to see the RAW response in some form. In my case this would help a lot. I built quite a nice Framework (at least it works quite well for me) around the Server engine and it would be quite labor intense to change what I have. The only option I would see, would be moving the WEBSERVICE request into my LC Desktop client, which is what I’d rather avoid… :-(



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