AW: Trouble playing videos with MS DirectShow LC 8

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Tue Mar 7 10:28:48 EST 2017

Making some further tests, I discovered that there must be a relation to mp4
video files.
I tested the same standalone with an old avi file and that worked, but not
with some different mp4 files
But it can't be something in general, because the mp4 file can be played
fine with the same standalone on my W10 machine.
So I am still searching for an idea, what could be different on my machine
to "all" others.


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With LC 8.1.2 I changed the video standard in my programs from Quicktime to
the new standard interface DirectShow on Windows. I recoded all videos to
mp4 with Intel QSV H.264.

On my developing W10 machine everything works fine in the IDE and
standalone. Now after release it looks like my developing machine is "the
only one" which can play the new videos in my new LiveCode program.

On a W7, W8 and other W10 machine I get the error "could not create movie
reference" when setting the filename of the player object.

Actually the DirectShow standard should be available from W7 to W10 and when
just double clicking the video, it can be played on all those other machines
with the standard video player, so it doesn't seem to be an codec issue. On
the other hand something from the environment must be different on my
developing machine.

I also tried to build a new standalone with LC 9.0 dp3, but testing the
standalone it show the same issue.


Has anybody any idea, where to start searching?

What could be different on my developing machine as on all other machines?

Are there any known system requirements for using DirectShow? (which I have
set unconsciously on my machine)


Thanks for any ideas






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