align field scrolls

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Sun Mar 5 21:00:10 EST 2017


The part I've got working...

Two clickable scrolling fields (fld1, fld2), same height and width. Click a
fld1 line and fld2 SCROLLs and HILITEDLINEs to visually reveal a matching
line. (fld1 is French text, fld2 is an English gloss.)

The part I would welcome your help with...

If, say, the hilited line on fld1 is kinda halfway down, how do I get the
hilited line on fld2 to also be kinda halfway down?

Here's my scrolling-magic script:

  set the scroll of fld2 to (tMatchingLineNr - 1) * \
    the textHeight of fld2 - the textHeight of fld2
  set the hilitedline of fld2 to tMatchingLineNr

Of course, this ends up with the hilited line of fld2 being at the top.
How do I get it to scroll just that little bit more so that it aligns with
the hilited line as seen in fld1?

Thank you.

Nicolas Cueto

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