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On 2017-07-30 00:10, Mark Wieder via use-livecode wrote:
> Have I mentioned lately how much I hate submodules?

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate submodules? ;)

Actually, submodules actually do their job really quite well. They 
aren't ideal, but they do enforce modularity (hence the name ;)). We 
just need to get round to sorting out some tooling (local shell scripts 
/ git hooks) to help make sure they aren't quite so easy to forget about 
syncing properly.

That being said we are very gradually working towards eliminating the 
third-party submodule.

However, the IDE submodule is set to stay (despite various discussions 
about merging it internally - I've always said no, and I'm glad I have) 
- indeed, the fact it is a separate submodule helps to put in place a 
mechanism which ensures we won't have another 8.1.6-rc-2 type 'balls-up' 
whilst doing user-testing :)

[ Something which is also on my list to post on - you're vehemence on 
the subject which I must confess I cannot in anyway disagree with made 
me come up with a solution to the problem - necessity being the mother 
of invention and all! ]

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