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>     You could distribute your product on flash drives and require that
>     they be plugged in during use. Each flash drive (thumb drive,
>     whatever) has a unique ID in its firmware that the OS (and
>     therefore LC) can access
> These scheme went away for a reason:  they cost more users that they 
> created revenue.

Right. It's entirely inconvenient, cumbersome, restrictive and therefore 
unacceptable to a modern user. They'll look for a different product 
that's easier to use. But technically speaking, it does work.  :-)


> The extreme case was the death of visicalc to Lotus 1-2-3.  it wasn't 
> because of any program edger or feature; it was that visicalc refused 
> to make it installable on hard disk, as they would lose their 
> floppy-based copy protection . . . (most of these used a deliberate 
> "flaw" that would cause an error that could be checked; many Apple ][ 
> schemes wrote on half-tracks, and I think it was visicalc that burned 
> holes in the media with lasers at specified points]
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