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Well Gitter itself is posed as more a technical/open source software dev thing I think.

Peter set it up as a more modern form of irc channels where people contributing to the open source project can interact with us and others along those lines.

For that it works really well. There can be a little bit of a delay in terms of getting an initial response sometimes - but when there's an active conversation going on we all try and be as responsive as we can.

We are likely to ask people to 'go elsewhere' if their questions / chat is not about actually contributing to the project - codewise in particular (or helping us do the dev work we do - e.g. Trying to diagnose a thorny problem in specific platform configurations!)


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>> P.S. None of us tend to sit on - we can only process so many simultaneous inputs - however gitter does send email notifications when someone posts something on there and usually it doesn't take too long for one of us to notice (weekends, notwithstanding!).
> While I think the original idea for using gitter (after trying Slack first) was to set up sort of an IM channel, I have stopped expecting it to be that and instead I use it for conversations where I need some deeper or arcane expertise and don't feel like cluttering up the uselist or the web forums that would be of interest to nobody else. And, once I stopped expecting it to be an IM channel, I have to say that whatever the subject, I have always gotten immensely useful information from the team on gitter.
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