Web vs Native (was Re: HTML5 limitations?)

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Sat Jul 29 01:51:09 EDT 2017

On 7/28/17 1:14 PM, Mark Waddingham via use-livecode wrote:
> What specific problem do we really need to solve... i.e. Is card-level 
> swiping generally important enough to warrant an approach which isn't 
> quite so general (very specific, one might say!)?
> The thing here is that we could well consider adding a mechanism which 
> is *card* specific (rather than in full generality). e.g. We add a card 
> property which states in which directions a card could be swiped, and it 
> uses the standard delays, actions of swiping in the various directions. 
> Perhaps you get a swipeBegin message when the swipe starts (where you go 
> card or whatever - and a snapshot is taken after - i.e. an implicit lock 
> for visual effect); and then a swipeEnd / swipeCancel when it is done.
> This would be a very high-level bit of functionality, not that 
> configurable.

Thinking about this some more...I'll take whatever we can get. But 
thinking about real-world usage, on Android swiping is very commonly 
used to pull out the sidebar, something almost every Android app has. 
While iOS doesn't indulge in sidebars officially, they are so handy that 
I understand the hamburger menu is being used by iOS developers too 
(Apple frowns on it but looks the other way.)

Since it's possible to get a snapshot of a group that isn't currently 
visible, and since sidebars are commonly LC groups, would that be 
something also easily implemented?

In terms of yak-shaving, I wonder if same-card swipes might even be 
easier to implement than navigation? This type of swipe could be used to 
swipe away lines in lists (provided each line was its own control as per 
datagrids,) or expose controls "under" list items, and so forth. Right 
now there are no visual effects that accurately display this kind of 
animation. I've been struggling to fake an Android toast and have sort 
of made it work by animating within a rectangle, but it isn't perfect 
and requires a very specific card layout to maintain the illusion.

But since I don't know what has to happen under the hood, I'll be happy 
with card navigation if that's a better place to begin.

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