Web vs Native (was Re: HTML5 limitations?)

Mark Waddingham mark at livecode.com
Fri Jul 28 13:19:39 EDT 2017

On 2017-07-28 19:01, Mark Waddingham via use-livecode wrote:
> Right now JS/HTML5/CSS etc. has the edge over LiveCode in creating
> these rich UIs. Now, to be honest, the acceleratedRendering mode of
> LiveCode (which has been around for years) is no different from the
> underlying tech in browsers which allows such UIs to be done. The
> problem is that is merely the lowest-level piece. No-one (including
> us) has every leveraged it to build a framework like that which we see
> in the standard browser stack - they could, it is perfectly possible -
> it just has not happened. (Admittedly some of the low-level features
> we are adding to AR mode in due course will make this easier but not
> really something which could not be achieved before if you worked hard
> enough).

Just to clarify this (answering myself again - I know ;)).

This was in no way an 'attack' to say 'oh you guys haven't done it so 
its your own fault' because at the end of the day the fact this hasn't 
happened is OUR (well MY fault).

AcceleratedRendering has been there a very long time - but we've never 
documented it very well, nor really explained how it works. Without 
that, it has languished as a really quite cool thing that no-one has 
ever been given the ability to really learn how to use effectively, and 
more generally (nor be able to tell us that - hmmm it really needs to be 
able to do this and that as well).

Another example of where 'build it and they will come' is a fallacious 
sentiment ;)

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