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> hh wrote:
> >> RG wrote:
> >> My bigger question here is what needs to be delivered specifically
> >> in a web browser window vs a native app, and why?
> >
> > This questions browsers ("the web") as platform in general.
> > TMHO, you are too late with that question, by 25 years.
> Perhaps just poor writing on my part.  I'm not questioning whether web
> pages exist or are useful.  Of course they are.
> As I think about this more, there seem to be two question here:
> - What are the use-cases where a native app is a better choice
>   than a web app?

- when the app needs access to the phone's functions (notifications, GPS,
screen dimming, text messages, etc)
- when it's important that at least some of the app's features work in
degraded/denied signal environments (no/low data)
- when your users don't understand what they're doing and insist that they
can't find your web app in the app store
- when you want to ensure that you control the experience; a web app is
accessed through the browser which means the browser's navigation and
settings take priority

> - What are the perceived benefits of web apps and native apps?

- web apps make your app instantly available to everyone in the world who
has internet and a browser
- web apps automatically "support" all operating systems and devices,
provided they have internet and a browser
- web apps don't have to compromise with any of the app stores; you can
offer anything you want whenever you want
- web apps have more direct access to other web services, so if you need to
leverage them it can be easier

- native apps can easily be more expensive than web apps for the same
functionality because they have more and more specific standards

- there are several "hybrid app" options where you get something installed
on the phone but it's just the bare minimum, not the whole app; usually
it's a native browser that only navigates to the web app

> The first question is about actual capabilities, and the second is about
> the psychological drivers of clients and customers, which may or may not
> reflect those capabilities.
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