HTML5 limitations?

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Well, the sandbox is a huge issue. JavaScript is not allowed to access many things that LC can access in the user's system.

The sandbox protects against malicious pages.

It is very hard to simulate the mouseStillDown handler in HTML/JS.

My app is a hybrid of LC and html5. The pace of development for LC is easily 10 times faster for me.

LC text processing and array management is much much more flexible.

"Get the keys of myArray" beats enumerating through a JS array any day. 

JS does not have true associative arrays, although you can work around that with datamaps.

JS does not have programmatic access to the clipboard.

Most of the limitations are related to security issues. If the sandbox is not an issue, then html5 will probably work, but they should expect to spend a fortune and live with a long development cycle with painfully slow bug fixes.

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> On Jul 25, 2017, at 2:42 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> I have a client that wants to move our project to HTML5. I have some doubts about the capabilities, could someone tell me what is currently possible and what is not?
> This is a very large set of stacks, run by a standalone that loads content on demand from a server. It is image-heavy and interacts with a networked database. There is lots of navigation between stacks and many hundreds of cards. At any given time, there can be up to a dozen stacks held in RAM. There is also heavy use of visual effects and animation.
> Thoughts?
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