SE Gutter better scroll tracking [Bugfix-20140]

Monte Goulding monte at
Sun Jul 23 16:19:57 EDT 2017

Hi Bob

Have you tried this out with very very long scripts > 10000 lines? The reason there’s an update delay on a number of things is to reduce the risk of the field editing performance being effected.



> On 23 Jul 2017, at 10:23 pm, Bob Hall via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> I have a proposed fix for the gutter lagging behind the scrolling of the Script Editor field. As you will see, this is a big improvement for scrolling in the SE. I had been messing around with this for a couple of months now and have done a lot of testing. The way the Gutter is handled I’d say needs an overhaul but for now, this will help in the near term.
> Changes are minor to get this working. trying it out should only be attempted by more advanced users. You MUST use LC 9.0dp8 and please, make sure you’ve got a copy just incase it all blows up ;-)
> I’m not going to go into how to install the changes.
> If anyone does install, please report back and let me know how it works (or doesn’t) for you.
> Thanks in advance,
> Bob Hall
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