Bug 20117: new rc2 sets a backdrop, and preferences for same

Mark Waddingham mark at livecode.com
Wed Jul 19 07:14:07 EDT 2017

On 2017-07-19 12:50, Richmond Mathewson via use-livecode wrote:
> Lumpy custard!

Just like your grandmother used to make?* ;)

> Other people who have commented on this are all "on this list";
> otherwise they would have been unable to comment.

Indeed - my point was simply that due to a bug which we obviously did 
not notice before release, the default backdrop ON option was not 
limited to those who were experiencing the 'first run' of the product. 
Thus meaning, that it affected existing users (which was not our 

> What kind of 'analysis' would that constitute?

So, at the user testing session, copious notes are taken, and discussed 
afterwards. We also ask people involved to write up their experience and 
give us feedback on specific points (and generally), these are also 
discussed. This then allows us to have some idea how 'good' an idea is - 
i.e. whether it is worth its cost balanced against its effectiveness.

In this case, the question is this:

For brand new users of LiveCode, who have never seen it before (and 
quite possibly never used a programming environment before) does having 
a backdrop in place initially help them in their first steps with the 
product, particularly from the point of view of doing the first run 

This is of course a slightly wooly and subjective question. However, it 
is probably a good idea if over 50% of people we try it out on (from 
various different groups - with different backgrounds) think it has 
actually 'helped'.

Warmest Regards,


P.S. As a child, I used to frequently comment on the consistency of my 
grandmother's custard... Her general response was "You grandfather likes 
it thick, boy!"

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