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Ok, so when adding files in the ‘copy files’ pane I can only include files that are in the same folder (on disk) as the stack file if I want them to end up in the engine/home folder? I though assuming that the paths that are listed in the ‘Non-stack files in the application’ represent the location of the original file but that when the standalone was built they are all be copied into the same folder in the app? I thought I’d added externals this way in the past and had them work for example.


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    > If I add files that are in the same folder as the stack file in the copy and then in the app (simulator or real device) if I ‘put the files’, then the added files are included in the listing. However, if the added files are in a different folder (e.g. “stuff/test.pdf”) then they don’t show up. Should they, or is there something that I’m missing?
    > LC 8.1.6 (rc1)
    That's expected behavior, the files function isn't recursive. By 
    default, it returns only files in the default folder but you can specify 
    a different folder by adding an optional folder parameter.
    Over the years a few people have posted recursive directory walk 
    scripts, but since you already know the folders included in the 
    standalone it's probably easier to just ask for each listing 
    individually if there aren't too many.
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