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 And of course, this dovetails nicely into Jacque's disappearing socks

Lol  on this wonderful thread.
 I love you guys.

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> LOL. OK way OT now.. (Richmond I have a long way to go to catch up to you
> on OT…) the so-called "100% empirical" is such a bogus idea in the first
> place, as many a modern brain scientist will tell you. And we know some of
> the top "empirically trained" guys. What measurements, by whom and under
> what circumstances?
> As for "inner bodies" well, seen by many though no more measureable to the
> limited mind than are the photons from the sun that are streaming through
> us all at this very moment. Streaming photons are also "based on belief"
>  -- a cultural consensus surrounding nuclear physics and their choice of
> instrumentation to "visualize" a phenomena that is in fact "invisible" and
> onlyl verifiable by inference. As much an illusion as American
> Exceptionalism (we are actually a 2nd tier nation slipping into 3rd tier
> territory.)  But you "believe" what the nuclear physicists actually tell us
> about sub-atomic particle motion. Therein lies the slippery slope of the
> line between "100 empirical" vs "belief"   Their theories can (and do and
> have) changed over time. Some would think that what one imagines is
> "metaphysical,"  perhaps, but nevertheless just as "real"  It's no less
> real than the butter on your toast. FYI: the butter on your toast is a
> hologram painted on your brain by your 5 senses. What you imagine is just
> another painting, by a different painter….way OT now…  I better stop
> there.  I'm only very thankful that what Mark Waddinginton "imagines" does
> indeed enter the empirical realm, eventually.
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>     > It might be argued that talk of pranic, astral, mental and
>     > superconscious bodies came from the realm of metaphysical belief
>     > and therefore were not entirely relevant to talking about the
>     > physical world.
>     <cheese>
>     We can observe that there is a difference between a living person and
> as
>     dead body.  No one has discovered the exact mechanism that
> distinguishes
>     the two.  But we all see it, even if we have different names for it.
>     </cheese>
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