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LOL. OK way OT now.. (Richmond I have a long way to go to catch up to you on OT…) the so-called "100% empirical" is such a bogus idea in the first place, as many a modern brain scientist will tell you. And we know some of the top "empirically trained" guys. What measurements, by whom and under what circumstances? 

As for "inner bodies" well, seen by many though no more measureable to the limited mind than are the photons from the sun that are streaming through us all at this very moment. Streaming photons are also "based on belief"   -- a cultural consensus surrounding nuclear physics and their choice of instrumentation to "visualize" a phenomena that is in fact "invisible" and onlyl verifiable by inference. As much an illusion as American Exceptionalism (we are actually a 2nd tier nation slipping into 3rd tier territory.)  But you "believe" what the nuclear physicists actually tell us about sub-atomic particle motion. Therein lies the slippery slope of the line between "100 empirical" vs "belief"   Their theories can (and do and have) changed over time. Some would think that what one imagines is "metaphysical,"  perhaps, but nevertheless just as "real"  It's no less real than the butter on your toast. FYI: the butter on your toast is a hologram painted on your brain by your 5 senses. What you imagine is just another painting, by a different painter….way OT now…  I better stop there.  I'm only very thankful that what Mark Waddinginton "imagines" does indeed enter the empirical realm, eventually.

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    > It might be argued that talk of pranic, astral, mental and
    > superconscious bodies came from the realm of metaphysical belief
    > and therefore were not entirely relevant to talking about the
    > physical world.
    We can observe that there is a difference between a living person and as 
    dead body.  No one has discovered the exact mechanism that distinguishes 
    the two.  But we all see it, even if we have different names for it.

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