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Fri Jul 14 14:44:28 EDT 2017

Richmond Mathewson wrote:

 > I'm not sure if all the adherents to the Use-List would accept the
 > existence of the pranic, astral, mental and superconscious bodies
 > as they are empirically unverifiable.
 > LiveCode and object within a LiveCode stack, are, on the other hand
 > 100% empirically verifiable.
 > It might be argued that talk of pranic, astral, mental and
 > superconscious bodies came from the realm of metaphysical belief
 > and therefore were not entirely relevant to talking about the
 > physical world.

We can observe that there is a difference between a living person and as 
dead body.  No one has discovered the exact mechanism that distinguishes 
the two.  But we all see it, even if we have different names for it.

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