Caveat on save script only stack --> went to standalone

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Jul 13 13:47:54 EDT 2017

Interesting caveat

create new stack (small splash/loader/engine)

    My Loader.livecode

Add eye-candy graphic, quit button

create new stack / script only  / save as my-loader.livecodescript
   #checks for presence of file in $HOME/Dropbox/coolApp.livecode
   # handles mouseup on quit button…
   # that's it

save… then apply this stack as the behavior for the Above "splash stack"

So far so good, it all works

------- phase 1 SA time
go to SA settings
add my-loader.livecodescript  to My Loader.livecode stack files
save SA
now go back to Script Editor add a few lines to my-loader.livecodescript

Get a very peculiar error messages about possible data loss. never ever seen in the history of my use of MC, RunRev, LC

Oh Wait… the stack being save/edited now is the one that was copied to the bundle!  if though minutes ago, that tab in the script editor was reading and writing to the *original* my-loader.livecodescript that was/is outside the SA app bundle


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