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I get pinch-and-zoom on both mobile platforms using the mobile browser control. My html expert has had to tweak a couple of html pages now and again to make it work. Other on-line pages don’t pinch-and-zoom but they also don’t pinch-and-zoom in Safari/Chrome either. I tried the browser widget and it is nice that you can use it in the IDE and Mobile but backed it out because the browser widget is missing "canretreat" property and "retreat" command.

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It appears we won't get pinch and zoom in the browser widget on mobile. It's back to using a native LC interface for a big map adventure where the user can zoom into an area and then pinch back out

The use case is still the same: use a "Maha" = enormous/big SVG graphic that looks awesome and sharp at any zoom level

Hopefully, soon LC will support a native display of this.

In the meantime, before I go hacking away from ground zero, trying to trap gestures and changing the rect of the image object on the fly… I would be interested in any example of this that anyone has already done using native LC code.
The zoom of player to degrees is deprecated, and we are not seeing any alternatives in the dictionary.

There is an obscure something that I just found that only works on Mac and windows:

XPDFViewer_Zoom viewerName, {"width" | "fit" | "actual" | "in" | "out" | percent}

The magnify extension is only on desktop

Any hope for us on Mobile for pinch and zoom in and out?


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