modal window = block handler? admin at
Mon Jul 10 03:03:24 EDT 2017

If you open invisible, then display it, a modal will not block. This
non-modal behaviour of a modal has been incredibly useful for displaying a
progress  indicator in a modal window. I do not consider it a bug as such
(modal blocks underlying windows, not necessarily code), and would hope this
quirk remains available. Otherwise we would need something like "go stack as
modal with messages".


Hugh Senior

> Hi everyone, i only recently switched to v8 ..and have found out that in
> this version, opening a modal window does not block the handler that
> opened
> it (until the window closes) .... did that used to be a bug that is fixed
> now?.... is it a bug now? or was it a purposeful change in the engine?
> anyone familiar with this?
> Thanks,
> Tom

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