Biased testing and micro-coaching

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From reading these, it looks like my basic steps are these:

1. Make changes to the app

2. Test for usability myself a dozen times, trying things in different orders  and in different ways to make it fail

3. Have my testers, which is really about 3 family members, test it to make it fail

No coaching, no hints

Directly observe their tests very closely

Make notes on any moments of confusion, even if they minor

Interview them, asking what they were thinking at each step

Adjust the help file and add hints - and test those as well

4. Fix as needed and retest

5. Publish

6. Try to find virgin testers for next time, varying in age and mindset

Does that sound about right?

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>>> What steps do you guys follow for accurate testing when you don't have a budget for proper official testing procedures?
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