iOS Browser Widget and PDFs?

JOHN PATTEN johnpatten at
Thu Jul 6 18:19:17 EDT 2017

Hi All!

I have little app that I’m using track our department quotes/purchases etc. It pulls the info out of a mySQl db. I have an issue with browser widget displaying the pdf quotes on iOS. The app pulls the PDF out of mysql via:
Put "SELECT attachment FROM quotes WHERE name ='" & jQuote & "'" into btSQL

put revDataFromQuery(tab, cr, gConnectionID, btSQL) into btData

put base64Decode(btData) into vtemp

put specialFolderPath("engine") & "/" & jQuote into vPath

open file vPath for binary write

write vtemp to file vPath

close file vPath

I then have to replace the spaces in the name of the pdf file with a:

replace space with "%20" in vPath
set the url of widget "quoteBrowser" of cd id 1067 to "file:" & vPath

replace "%20" with space in vPath

set the script button "Print Quote" of cd id 1067 to "on mouseUp" & return & "Launch url " & quote & "file:" & vPath & quote & return & "end mouseUp"

Again this works fine on my Mac and on the iOS simulator. The PDF shows up just fine in the browser widget. 

However, when I build the app, and try it out on he actual iPad, it does not. I just get the blank white widget.

Any suggestions on what I might try?

Thank you!

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