85% - nail biting finish

Dave Kilroy dave at applicationinsight.com
Thu Jul 6 14:50:42 EDT 2017

Come on you last-minute-people, if you are going to help the time is now!

We have 11 minutes to raise $1,970

The url is https://livecode.com/project/datagrid2/ <https://livecode.com/project/datagrid2/> - don’t leave it too late!

Kind regards


> Are you watching this guys? I cannot move from the screen... We are roaring up on the finish but we still need another 15% to make it. 52 minutes to go. I think that means we need $71/minute. C'mon pledgers... 
> On the edge of her seat, 
> Heather 
> Heather Laine 
> Customer Services Manager 
> LiveCode Ltd 
> www.livecode.com 

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