delete the customproperty (of a card)

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sun Dec 31 11:59:26 EST 2017

If you know the name of the customProp . . .

one can EMPTY the customProp very easily indeed:

set the "XYZ" of card id 1002 to empty

that does, howeve, mean that the prop "XYZ" is still 'there':
I'm not sure whether that is important.

In the DICTIONARY is states this:

"You can delete an object's custom property sets by setting the object's 
customPropertySets to empty."

So I wonder why this:

set the customPropertySets of card id 1002 to empty

divn't work?

At this point I would generally start sending 'slightly offensive' 
remarks to Mark & Kevin,
but for a variety of reasons just the now I'll content mysen by sending them

"Hae a gae guid Hogmanay, chiels!"

Yours aye, Richmond,
an Ah'll stick the knife intil ye in the new towmond ;-)

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