Optimizing for small Android devices

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Fri Dec 29 15:25:14 EST 2017

FYI here is Aravind's from Kerala comments today.

To what extent we can realistically fit this app onto a phone with only 1GB of RAM… I don't know.

Perhaps this is useful for other Android developers looking for a broad base in Asia, although this may be all "old news" to most of you… here it is.

one issue we have is: we cannot overlay any other controls over the browser widget.. so even if we can't use TSNet for this but monitor the browserDocument* msgs… we still need a way to communicate on the UI… I'll need to fiddle with that.. I suppose the only option is to "raise a toast" from the bottom while at the same dynamically shrinking the height of the browser widget.  Any ideas there?

Meanwhile, another app we have that is HTML five, he says "runs fine" but it never fetches content from the web.

Device (my Samsung Galaxy A7)  is using an internet connection(3G) which have a practical download at a maximum rate of 300kb/s(but speed test shows 2mb/s download speed). but sometimes during peak time the speed drastically reduces. 

The app may be set for an ideal condition. 

suggestion:  A message window in between the request and displaying download content showing "Downloading please wait". 
If net is slow , allow to abort by giving a message "Slow Internet, will take more time, Please close any other app(if any) using internet or abort." give buttons "wait" and "abort".
if net is fast enough, message won't be seen.

so the app will have better control and userfrienliness.

More over here there are new phones with 1Gb ram. so we need to optimise the app. 
The app must sense the screen resolution(seems only less than 10 standard resolutions). and usually all other parameters are relative to that. there are certain rare exceptions also. Another is three Ram options (1,2 and 3 or more).
In apple there is only 5 iphones(4,5,6,7,8). 
SivsSiva is a great app and hope it should reach the masses, especially in India.

see the spec of this new phone with Oreo OS(about Rs.7000/-) 

 Samsung A7(exynos) may be slower then MotoG4 plus(snapdragon). Or May differ in some other specs.


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    That's a different model than Google gave me. This one has better specs. 
    I'm not sure how the CPU compares to the Snapdragon but in general it seems 

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