hhTextEdit-Basic 1.0.2

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Thu Dec 28 18:12:44 EST 2017

hhTextEdit-Basic 1.0.2

Uses a browser widget as "text field" extending by that LC's htmltext of fields to
a larger set of text styling (e.g. justified textAlign), 2D-transforms/3D-rotations and
filters (blur, sepia etc.). Of course you can edit the transformed/rotated/filtered
text _while_ it is transformed/rotated/filtered -- a training for your imagination...

** You edit, just as with fields, the 'output' and only optionally the HTML-source! **
It has NO dependencies, uses HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and some features of LiveCode.

Tested to work using LC 8.1.8 on Mac 10.13, Win 7/10 and Ubuntu.
Works moreover using LC 9.0.0-dp11 on Mac and Win7/10.
(The browser widget is 'buggy' on linux/LC 9 up to dp11).

Use LC toolbar > Sample Stacks > hhTextEditBasic

The stack contains also hhTextEdit-Zero (a one-liner) and hhTextEdit-Mini (very basic
textEdit only). More features in hhTextEdit-Full (to appear in 2018).

Have fun!

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