Optimizing for small Android devices

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Thu Dec 28 17:50:28 EST 2017

Great pointer's Andy, I will try those browser checks… TS Net does not interact with either the browser or a mobile play that streams audio, so we are "on our own… " to Monitor those.

Meanwhile this is from London, happy new user

"So far so good. No problems, everything running smoothly. … I am on a Moto G4 plus. Android version 7.0"

So, "weird" … Galaxy Samsung  A7 in India running Android version 7.0… --- problems

Moto G4 Plus, London Android 7 -- users says it works just fine

??  Hmm, yes, this could be related to the browser because our London "market" has very high speed access to our content which is served from Cloud Flare./ not so in Cochin… 


    Also are you making sure the destroyStack to true. 
    This should be automatically done but there is no harm in forcing it.
    set the destroyStack of this stack to true
    It might also be useful to monitor these events in the browser widget
    and set a timer between the browserDocumentLoadBegin and
    browserDocumentLoadComplete to see if there is a bottle neck?
    browserDocumentLoadBegin pUrl
    browserDocumentLoadComplete pUrl
    browserDocumentLoadFailed pUrl, pError
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