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Hi Peter,

Sorry to hear about your friend’s grandmother’s aphasia problem.

While you are taking on a noble endeavor here with your app,
I would suggest doing a trial run with your software first without
the waveform comparison with your friend’s grandmother.

Instead of having the computer do the comparison, have a human
like you, sit in the room, and as you listen to what she says, type in
a score with your iPad or some other device, give it a - bing 80% etc.
Send that information to the other device that she is looking at so
it all appears as though the computer was doing all of the processing.
(Mimic that everything works as you would want it to perform.)

See how she does with your test with her.  Give her a few trial
runs and see if she improves at all or not.  (Score each trial.)

If it works well, and you see a great improvement, then perhaps
you might be onto something.  Perhaps in your second test you
can do it more remotely so that your presence is not detected
in the room.  (The presence of some person in the room paying
attention to her may have been the motivator for the improvement,
and you need to be able to rule it out.)

Basically you are trying to have your app take the place of
a speech therapist.  If she doesn’t improve with the app
functioning as you envision it, then you will have saved
yourself a lot of time and aggravation.  You will have also
learned something in the process which might help you 
in the future with such apps.

Good luck!


> On Dec 27, 2017, at 7:26 PM, Peter Reid via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> wrote:
> Hi Marc, Paul, Phil, Rick and Richmond
> Thanks for your various thoughts.
> To put a bit more flesh on this, here's what I'm developing and why...
> In the first instance I'm doing this development for a friend who's grandmother suffers from aphasia (saying completely the wrong word).  The idea is that her family can put together sets of words where each word is spoken by the app whilst displaying a relevant picture and optionally a short video clip illustrating the correct mouth shape when saying the word.  The app displays the word in a very large font with a picture, then the app says the word (with the option to see a mouth shape video clip).  The user responds by trying to say the same word and (the thing I can't do yet!) the app gives the user a percentage score that represents how closely the user matched the sample word. If the user's score is above a variable threshold, the user sees a smiley face, otherwise a sad face!
> I tried contacting Mark Smith as suggested by Paul but his email address mark at maseurope.net no longer works.
> So far I have everything working apart from the comparison of 2 WAV files, in particular the following is working:
> - the app checks for the presence of a micro SD card as the source of a collection of word packs
> - a word pack consists of a collection of words in sound (WAV) and picture (JPG) form, optionally with supporting video clips (MP4)
> - the app lets the user select a word pack at start up and loads the pack into RW file space
> - the user taps a large arrow icon to go forwards/backwards through the chosen list of words
> - for each word, the word is displayed in a large font at the top of the landscape screen, with its associated picture occupying the lower half of the screen
> - as the word is displayed, it is spoken
> - the user can tap a microphone icon and record their attempt at the word
> - currently I simulate the comparison of the 2 WAV files
> - the app gives a percentage score and displays a smiley or sad face accordingly
> To be honest, my main aim is to help a friend.  At this stage I'm not looking beyond this, so licensing, etc. is not on the horizon at the moment.
> Thanks again
> Peter
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> Peter Reid
> Loughborough, UK
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