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Thu Dec 28 10:24:47 EST 2017

On 2017-12-28 16:21, Richmond Mathewson via use-livecode wrote:
> Here I am trying to install LiveCode 9.0.0 dp-11 for Windows with Wine 
> on
> Mac OS 10.7.5 because:
> 1. I'm slightly daft.
> 2. The Mac version won't install under 10.7.5.
> and I notice that the installer "wants" to install here:
> C:/Program Files/RunRev/LiveCode Community 9.0 (dp 11)
> Odd.

Why is it odd?

You are running the Windows installer under a Windows emulation 
environment, so from its point of view it is running on Windows and so 
would choose the default path which is currently as it appears above :)

That being said, we should probably update RunRev to LiveCode in that 
path ;)

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