Optimizing for small Android devices

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Wed Dec 27 23:18:18 EST 2017

I am going thru Aravind's reports. His phone is top of the line Android… Samsung Galaxy A7 (3GB RAM)   7.0 Nougat, 

It appears that 8.1.9 RC 1 did not fix all the Android rendering issues… yes, the problem of leaving the app via home or app switch and coming back to the app, yes, that is solved, but there is something else going on here:

see:  http://quality.livecode.com/show_bug.cgi?id=20810

check out his screen shots.


what appears "behind" is a screen from previous stacks that were opened and closed.

 our navigation library is pretty straight forward, when it gets to this point
if oStackName <> empty then # this is not the first run boot of portal
      deleteAllMobileControls # will destroy all except audioPlayer
      set the accelereratedRendering of the topstack to false 
end if
   go  cardOrStackObject 
 # e.g   go Stack "b"  "gems" (or whatever this string)  go card 3 of "gems"   whatever it is
# this stack might turn on acceleratedRendering in it's openCard Handler… 

   wait 100 milliseconds with messages  

   close stack oStackName    
# closed ! but not gone… a visual "rep" of this stack is still retained, 
# and not only that, possibly many others of previously closed stacks

   wait 100 milliseconds with messages  
that's not mysterious… we know from previous tests that the wait 100 milliseconds is mission critical. Without those, even on my Pixel.. we get serious rendering issues.

So… guessing that entire screen representation(s) of closed stacks are appearing behind the newly opened surprise.livecode stack… and not only that, this could be images of the screens of different stacks that were opened several steps back… so only Ganesha knows how many representations of the screen(s) that have gone by and closed by our code are still being retained in RAM until the app dies. or some kind of caching is happening that needs flushing… At least that's how it looks here.  




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    If you limit your user base to Android 8.1 almost no one can use it. Right 
    now it has a very tiny user base, I think only Pixel users have that 
    version. It was just pushed to Pixels a little while ago. A whole lot of 
    devices are still waiting for Android 7.

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