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Tue Dec 26 13:58:40 EST 2017

I must confess that I haven't really used the data grid much, so I'm at a
loss as to how to troubleshoot... And FYI I am using 8.1.8

I created a datagrid form with 6 fields and a graphic. The dgData is
generated from a search function in a large database. As an example, one
search yields 12 results.

My datagrid displays 12 groups for the results, but only the first one is
filled in (with the results of the last record). If I get the dgData, it is
all there. 

I setup a mouseup (see below) in the script to give me the id number
associated with a group, and they each have their own id number when
clicked. Note, that the first group which displays the last record gives me
the id number of the first record.

It seems as though the first group created by the datagrid gets rewritten
instead of going down the list...

What did I do wrong?

my FillInData command:

on FillInData pDataArray
  set the text of field "name" to pDataArray["name"]
  set the text of field "address" to pDataArray["address"]
  set the text of field "age" to pDataArray["age"]
  set the text of field "homephone" to pDataArray["homephone"]
  set the text of field "cellphone" to pDataArray["cellphone"]
  set the text of field "elig" to pDataArray["elig"]
  if pDataArray["elig"] is space then
    set the backgroundColor of grc "indicator" to green
    set the backgroundColor of grc "indicator" to red
  end if
end FillInData

on mouseUp
  put the dgData of me into tData
  put  the dgIndex of me into tX
  put tData[tX]["_id"] into tID
  answer tID
end mouseUp

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mad, pink and dangerous to code
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