Remote Debugging on iOS

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Dec 24 21:55:47 EST 2017

jacque wrote:

    Remote debugging doesn't work with script-only stacks (I had to ask here
    on the list myself a while back.) The breakpoint has to be saved with the
    standalone, and script-only stacks don't have properties so breakpoints
    can't be saved.

Hmm OK, so that means we have to drop one at a trigger point in the stack like "on mouseup"  but now, some of my stacks/cards are "pure views" with *narry* a drop of code in them… So I suppose a "hack" could be to add, in the button,card, stackscript

on mouseup
    pass mouseup
end mousup

At least, once we start stepping through then at least we are looking lines in the script only libs/behaviors.



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