Could not encode class bundle

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Dec 23 14:54:06 EST 2017

Before I install 1.8, will there be a conflict with older versions of LC 
that required 1.6 from Apple? I occasionally need to build on different 
versions for different products. Do you know when 1.8 became acceptable?

I remember not too long ago that I had to find and re-install 1.6 in 
order to create Android apps after I got a new iMac. Oracle's current 
copy didn't work.

On 12/22/17 4:34 PM, Ali Lloyd via use-livecode wrote:
> Yes, looking at previous instances of this error I think using JDK 1.8 is
> the easiest fix. I'm not sure exactly why this changed from DP 10 to 11
> though...

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