Editing library script with TSNet "running"

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Thu Dec 21 22:10:22 EST 2017

If I try to edit handlers in a global backscript that has some TSNet callback handlers… I always get

stack "lib_SivaSiva": execution error at line 1547 (Object: can't set scxript while it is executing), char 1

I have no way now to change this script, except to exit, quit LC and edit by hand, then reboot… cmd period doesn't help us. the IDE just  beeps

if I shut down and comment out my call back (which is set by another script/behavior that init's the whole framework)

# command netWorkTransferStatus
# put "transfer identifier,status,downloaded,total download,uploaded,total upload" into tNetStatusItems
# # see dictionary entry for definitions these are the 6 params passed by TSNet to the call back.
# # for now we are just monitoring problems in param 2 - status
# put param(2) into tRequestStatus
# put "error,timeout" into tNetConnectionIssues
# if tRequestStatus is among the items of tNetConnectionIssues then
# put "You have connection issues: " & tRequestStatus into tNetUpdate
# dialog_CustomMsg tNetUpdate
# end if
# end netWorkTransferStatus

then I can freely edit the script.  The above is also causing some lock ups on iOS. but now that I'm "back" in 8.1.7 RC1  we don't have remote debugging… so what I thought was going to be easy it now obscure.


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