TS Net Documentation

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Thu Dec 21 14:37:46 EST 2017

an old theme "I want a printed dictionary…"

As I peruse the dictionary TSNet is *huge* and complex…. Hunt and peck for what you have no clue will serve your needs gets tiring. Sometimes good old-fashioned "study for your exams" approach is a better way to go.

And no, I don't want anything electronic. see the long discussion thread last year in October/November on this…

But -- the PDF User Guide does not have a TS Net section

I found this

/Applications/LiveCode Business 8.1.9 (rc 1).app/Contents/Tools/Documentation/html_viewer/resources/data/api/api.sqlite

and if I open the api.sqlite  file in a DB browser… the entry data are binary blobs (What are those? LC array stores)

And this:

/Applications/LiveCode Business 8.1.9 (rc 1).app/Contents/Tools/Documentation/html_viewer/resources/data/api/distributed_api.js

Not particularly user friendly for converting to a printed document: 112,014 lines of JSON data…but still hackable.

but, before I write some jsonToArray + TSNet filter -> to text…  to extract TSNet commands from the distributed_api.js

@Charles do you have a PDF with all the TSNet commands and functions like we see in the dictionary?
Or has anyone written widget to dump text form the dictionary? I'm not looking for anything fancy…


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