non-blocking http ... will tsnet end up in community?

andrew at andrew at
Wed Dec 20 09:43:21 EST 2017

> DDoS tools aside <g>, what APIs need more than one call at a time?

I can think of a use in my (relatively) simple Indiana On Tap mobile  
app. Currently I fetch some mySQL data and download some images from a  
HostM account through their SSL API. The data is a couple of arrays  
with a 30-300 entries each and the images are between 5KB-200KB.  
Sometimes these fire off super fast back-to-back-to-back finishing in  
3 or 4 seconds, but other times there is a network lag (I've scripted  
some tests and determined it isn't the app or the server process) and  
the entire process takes up 25 seconds.

Just recently while testing some REST stuff I discovered how to do the  
async tsNet calls (I second whomever suggested crowd funding Charles  
to write some tutorial stacks!). I think by calling these commands  
async will allow me to speed up the app initialization process: no  
waiting for server reply between each request so I can move onto the  
1st non-splash card of the app.

The speed increase and ability to make multiple concurrent  
non-blocking calls is also the key to allowing "Enable Background  
Execution" of this app. This unexpected bonus benefit is YUGE as that  
has been a complaint about the app.

--Andrew Bell

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