non-blocking http ... will tsnet end up in community?

Tom Glod tom at
Mon Dec 18 18:50:24 EST 2017

Hi Everyone,

I use the Community version for project, and recently I've been working
with the LibURL Library to get some asynchronous server client
communication going ...and if you've ever worked with that ...... its clear
there is much room for improvement there.

Though I have no choice what version to use, so I can only wait in
patience, but I think for the long term health of the platform and to give
it the modern robustness it needs, the tsnet library is going to have to
become part of the community version.  Otherwise it will always lag behind
from being able to use modern internet APIs in combination.

Is this something we would have to crowd fund?

Is there anything legally preventing that from happening?

Thanks for any thoughts

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