Interprocess Communication (IPC) under OSX

Paul Dupuis paul at
Mon Dec 18 12:28:13 EST 2017

I have a situation where an LC standalone (built on recent LC releases)
need to communicate with a "helper app" standalone, built under LC4.6.4.
The why is not really import, but it is to migrate some data that is
highly dependent on how 464 handles text field character positions to
versions of LiveCode that are above LC5.5.x where the position ranges
change due to changes (bug fixes and improvements) to the field object.

I am using IPC vs Sockets because under both Windows and OSX (the target
platforms) if the user has their firewall security set high enough,
using sockets causes a dialog to appear requiring the user to allow the

IPC under Windows (7 through 10) works great. Reliable and consistent.

However, I am having problems with the same code under OSX. Has anyone
worked out using Interprocess communication reliably between two
LiveCode stacks/standalones under OSX that they would share or license
for small money? Rather than pick apart our Windows code for what has to
be different for OSX, I'd rather just jump to something that works under
OSX if such code exists.

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