Questions re: Michael McCreary Database Wizardry from LCGlobal?

JOHN PATTEN johnpatten at
Wed Dec 13 16:22:37 EST 2017

Hello all!

I am trying to decipher Michael McCreary’s database wizardry form the Livecode conference.

Starting by duplicating what he had created with his Notes cloud app, but just using my own on-rev account and my mysql db.

His Notes app works fine when it is pointing to his on-rev/mysql db, but when I try to duplicate what he is done, my notes app opens fine, but under the drop down menu, in the categories area, I am getting a “tsneterr: HTTP response code 404 returned from server.” I’m guessing it is not seeing my .lc files on my on-rev directory???  I also can’t create any new notes, obviously.

I have made the change in the sub stack libDataLayer for the constant kAPIURL = … to point to my on-rev and directory.

 I have also made the change on the .lc server file,, within the libs folder, so that it is using my mysql db, username and password. However, I must be still missing changes to make this work on my own mysql db.

His use of db libraries in that example blew my mind, and I would like to learn how to do that myself, but I’m having trouble just trying to get “off the blocks.” :)

Are there more script changes in his example that need to be done in order for me to duplicate his Notes app on my on-rev account?

Thank you!

John Patten

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